REEF gave up the supply of lifelong sandals

A lifetime of unforgettable sandals, plus a fresh FireWire “seaside” surfboard, this is a sweet gift.

The sponsored work is introduced by REEF when we open a new window. .

REEF hopes to provide you with more new air cushion bounce REEF sandals to open a new window. And use “endless” to mean “12”. This should be a lifetime value unless your uncle keeps stealing them. REEF is firmly betting that its new “energy feedback” insole design can be used as a follow-up product for “Fanning” (its sandals/opener), which has been the company’s best-selling product ever. Worth it, enter it now, maybe you can find it for free! Speaking of Fanning, it is interesting to see him and Mason Ho teasing Machado.

How to enter REEF’s lifetime sandals giveaway

     Open a new window by REEF. On Instagram
     Mark your two friends in the comments on the contest post. This post is located on, the same ad you viewed above, including Mick, Rob and Mason
    Check your announcement through your DM on May 4 to see if you won.

Winners won

    “Lifetime Supply” Reef Air Cushion Sandals (12 pairs)
    One Firewire Seaside surfboard in any size

reef sandals sale
reef sandals sale