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Great Barrier Reef Barron FallsKuranda

Kuranda Rainforest Kuranda Rainforest

We went to kuranda without booking tour, and went straight to the official website to see the freedom. Every morning, there are two small trains departing from Cairns Central Station to Kuranda, 8:30 and 9:30 respectively. We are going to buy the ticket that morning, but if it is more insurance, it will be fixed online in advance. While buying the train ticket, we also bought the rainforest and the skyrail back to the city center, which is the ticket for the cable car. It also includes a small zoo in the rainforest (which can touch kangaroos and koalas), amphibious vehicles. The rainforest, and the cable car that takes you back to the hotel. About a person is less than $200. After you buy it, the waiter will give you a timetable, which is the schedule of each project throughout the day, and the timing is also quite reasonable.

It takes about two hours for a small train to reach Kuranda. On the way, you will pass Barron Fall. It will stop for about ten minutes. You can take a train and take a photo. After the train arrives at the station, you can take a bus into the rainforest in Kuranda village for about a few minutes. The whole process will be led by people, including when to go to the zoo and when to visit the rainforest. After that, there will be bus to send you to the skyrail station. The whole cable car takes about one and a half hours, including the stay time of the two attractions in Barron fall and red peak. The time on the cable car will probably be about forty minutes. It takes a whole day to visit Kuranda, but in the rainforest, the director will really explain the plants to you very carefully, sit on the retro train, and then go up to the sky, and it will be quite rich all day. Not too tired, friends with children or old people are also very suitable to go here.

P4-P6: Helicopter Tour + Snorkeling + a pair of reef slippers

This is a tour scheduled online, 285 dollars a person. Including the morning helicopter to take you to the Great Barrier Reef and then take you to Green Island, take a boat to take you to the outer coral reef to snorkel at noon, provide a buffet lunch, take a semi-submarine tour, and finally send you back to the marina in Cairns city centre. .

After the whole trip, I was too involved in the seasickness because of the serious seasickness. But the other three people in the same industry feel very good. First, the outer coral reef is more beautiful than the inner coral reef, probably because there is less pollution. Their snorkeling is next to the very beautiful fish swimming next to you, and will come over and touch you. Snorkeling tools are available on offshore platforms at no extra charge. There are also extra paid items on the platform, such as deep dive, undersea motorcycles (can not swim), my boyfriend went to deep dive, the reaction is also very fun, the coach also took them to touch the coral. I hope that there will be a trip to the sea, and friends who are afraid of seasickness must remember to eat seasickness medicine for half an hour in advance. It is useless to go on board!