reef sandals womens

REEF is a sports brand in the United States

REEF is a sports brand in the United States, with surf shoes and sportswear. It’s a professional way to make beach slippers. This is the most comfortable pinch-sand toss I have ever worn. No one has completely pulled out other similar brands of slippers for several streets! Everyone who passes through knows that when you catch up with a discount, the price is still very high.

reef sandals womens

Slippers wear matching

Zara – Orange bat shirt Seven years ago, the clothes have a commemorative meaning, the water, the pulsating peach flavor of the steam, the more thirsty the drink

reef womens sandals sale
reef womens sandals sale

Woc – the chain needs to go around

Reef sandals – very good to wear two pairs of nike broken after looking for comfortable sandals have a narrow and narrow point narrow super suitable for my feet

reef sandals mens

Do you want a double word drag

In this season of dew, the instep should also dissipate heat. Quality flip-flops are a must for hot days, and even if heavy rains let the city fall, it will allow you to walk in the city at a steady pace. A pair of slippery and beautiful slippers, let you freely liberate your feet.

Flip-Flops is also called “toe slippers”. From the simple design of flip-flops to the pronunciation of the word, it reveals a kind of randomness and freedom, even a lazy fan.

Merchants say that wearing “flip-flops” will make the ankles, calves and thighs symmetrical, and will play a wonderful role in the bodybuilding of the legs.

Doctors say that wearing “flip-flops” is harmful to health and can cause a series of foot problems such as joint pain and ankle sprains.

As the saying goes, the debate is endless, the conclusion is not down, and the “flip-flop” that represents fashion, freedom, liveliness and happiness is still the favorite of young people.

At present, the production process of flip-flops is infinitely carried out in Japan and Brazil. In addition to the typical Japanese wooden rafter, the Brazilian gel is the most comfortable. As for the popular range of flip-flops, the flip-flops that have been frequently photographed on the feet of Hollywood stars are enough to prove their status as fashion trends.

    Havaianas/Havana World Cup Series Flip Flops

    Havaianas/Havana Women’s Flash Sweet Flip Flops

    Ipanema/Ipanema Ms. FIT Flip Flops

    Ipanema/Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Hawaiian Women’s Slippers

    Genbei flip flops

    Reef Fanning flip flops

    Columbia/Colombia Women’s stretch drainage flip flops


Passionate samba flip flops from Brazil

1. Havaianas/Havana World Cup Series Flip Flops

Brazil’s famous flip-flop brand uses 100% natural rubber. The soft and elastic feel of the soles, walks the way to invigorate the light. At the moment of heavy rain, the non-slip bottom can also be very safe. But the biggest gimmick is its strong color impact and personalized patterns.

In response to the World Cup, a football event held every four years, Havana also launched the World Cup series for hardcore fans. The pattern on the bottom and the well-designed flag on the herringbone allow the fans to walk on the road while also cheering for their team. If you are a fan of the World Cup or a fan of which country, come and feel the hot atmosphere.

Highlights: Color and design echo the countries participating in the World Cup.

A bit: the sole is very soft and elastic.

Price: 40 dollars

2. Havaianas/Havana Women’s Flash Sweet Flip Flops

The two herringbone bands are entangled, like the vines on the branches. The simple herringbone can still show its own characteristics. The pattern attached above, plus the silver finish, is light and delicate, simple but not simple. The soft and elastic feel of the soles, walks the way to invigorate the light. At the moment of heavy rain, the non-slip bottom can also be very safe.

Highlights: The interlacing of the herringbone belt is subtle and exquisite.

Disadvantages: The “flip-flop” wearer who just got started will start to wear some toes, but it will be good for a long time.

Price: 28 dollars

3. Ipanema/Ipanema Ms. FIT Flip Flops

Also a brand from Brazil, named after Rio de Janeiro’s most famous beach. The bright and welcoming pattern extends from the upper to the side of the shoe, and the 3D effect is injected into the tropical ocean from the sole. The style of the herringbone strap is not just a pattern that extends from the middle of the sole.

This herringbone strap around the sole adds to the durability of the herringbone strap and the slender foot. The upper foot can bring a unique visual effect. By the way, purple and pink match, bringing a unique elegance to the flip-flops. If you are an environmentalist, then it will win your favor without cutting plants, killing animals, producing pollution-free and recyclable properties after PVC.

Highlights: The herringbone band around the soles creates a distinctive character band.

Advantages: Because it is the unique character of the herringbone, it is better to fit and tighten.

Disadvantages: People with wide feet will feel very tight.

Price: about 18 dollars

4. Ipanema/Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Hawaiian Women’s Slippers

A collection named after the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. The leafy pattern of the micro-volume on the sole of the shoe complements the hum of the window, and the added tape is different. The small bow in the middle is a playful feeling.

Highlights: The series named by the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen.

Advantages: The 3D print pattern that extends to the sole allows the slippers on the feet to become a piece of art.

Price: 24 dollars

Comfortable flip flops from Japan

5. Genbei flip flops

Enbei (げんべい) was founded in the late Edo period, about 140 years ago. Genbei’s beach flip flops draw on many of the country’s traditional craftsmanship and recipes. In order to make the shoes comfortable and fit, the shape, size, width and width of the bottom, the length of the entrainment, the height, the hardness, and the position of the pinch point are all worked hard.

As a brand in Asian countries, the herringbone belt seems to be more suitable for Asians with higher insteps: higher, reducing discomfort caused by being too close to the instep. The narrowed toe part is also restrained. The corrugated blue bottom and the white herringbone band remind you of the layers of sea waves in the sun.

Highlights: The herringbone strap is designed for Asians with a high arch.

Advantages: The sole is narrower than the average herringbone, and it is relatively fit to wear.

Price: about 8 dollars

Sports flip flops from the United States

6. Reef Fanning flip flops

reef mens fanning sandals
cheap reef mens fanning sandals

The coolest thing in summer is to wear slippers to two or three friends to come to the barbecue stall in the middle of the night, come on a bottle of beer, dozens of barbecues, talk about life. Well, wearing these slippers, you can use the bottle opener at the bottom of the bottle to open the bottle directly, it is so free and easy!

Reef is a sports brand from the United States. It is passionate and stylish. It has a deep ocean and beach culture and is popular among skaters, sailors and beach sports enthusiasts. If you like creativity and get used to air-cushioned shoes, try this when choosing slippers.

Highlights: The bottom can be used to open the cap.


    The air cushion at the end of the sole can cushion the knee during the runaway, and it can be even higher with the sister station.

    The support design of the arch is more in line with human science.

    The sole has a bottle opener that opens the lid anytime, anywhere.


    The herringbone band in the middle of the toe is worn for a long time.

    If you want to wear it to open the cap, you need to pay attention to the objects under your feet, which is more troublesome.

Price: about 19 dollars

7. Columbia/Colombia Women’s stretch drainage flip flops

In the early years, Columbia (Colombia) started out as a raincoat and rain hat. Nowadays, it has developed into the world’s largest outdoor clothing brand through the continuous development of various outdoor sportswear and high-tech fabrics, among which the exclusive research and development of the classic patent fabrics – Windproof waterproof breathable fabric, quick-drying fabric, etc.

This drain hole, designed for wading, allows you to feel slippery after slipping through the water. In addition, it can make you safely step on the slippery stones, which is safer for short trips. Although I can’t walk through Qianshan, I can walk through thousands of waters.

Highlights: Quick-drying fabric that drains.


    The bottom friction is large and it can be non-slip.

    The laces are made of a synthetic material that is quick-drying and is not easily wetted by water.

    The heel part has a cushion and is comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages: The more casual style is not very good with clothes.

Price: about 20 dollars

8. Crocs/Kaluochi Men and women’s neutral coloring

Crocs has earned the Ergo ergonomics certification from the United States and minimized the possibility of injury to the human body when wearing it, effectively benefiting customers. The anti-slip, deodorant, non-marking antibacterial material Croslite is the key to distinguishing Crocs shoes from competitors and counterfeiters. Crocs’ open molding process not only prevents material waste but also contributes to environmental protection. This flip-flop is an atypical product in the Crocs family, but it is also very popular.

Advantages: The sole is very comfortable and it is very slippery when it is stepped on water.

Disadvantages: limited style.

Price: $35

The wind is blowing warm, passing through the hair and through the ears. The feeling of relaxing your toes, like what you are gently littering.

reef sandals mens

What brand of flip-flops is best

Ask for the best flip flops, not tired for three or four hours. . . (Speaking of the hand, I’d better wear a pair of stalls to buy, but unfortunately was trampled in the subway last year)
I want to buy Havana, but I don’t know if I can’t grind my feet?

The structure of the mainstream brand’s flip-flops is similar, the main difference lies in the material of the sole. At present, the soles of the flip-flops generally have the following four materials:

1 EVA 2PVC 3 foam rubber 4EVA+rubber 5PE

Let’s expand on the following (conclusion at the end)

1 . EVA cutting and EVA in-mold foaming

EVA soles should be the most popular flip-flop material, such as Hollister, A&F, and even the luxury brands of Tory Burch, which are EVA soles.

In the flip-flop brand, Australia’s Roxy and Quicksilver are also EVA soles.

These type of flip-flops have a long history of manufacturing. They cut the shape of the shoes on an EVA sheet. After the assembly, the edges are polished. Therefore, the edges of such flip-flops are rough and easy to produce flash. This is a small shortcoming.

Of course, EVA is also very useful. For example, you can use a lot of flip-flops in the in-mold foaming process of the soles of sports shoes. It is equivalent to EVA changing from raw materials to soles in the mold. The shape is beautiful. But the cost is higher.

The EVA sole has the advantage of being lightweight, cushioning and comfortable. And such flip-flops are cheaper. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform when wearing more clothes, watching the mood

2 . PVC shot sole

The PVC used for flip-flops is generally a soft-density PVC, which uses an injection process, similar to the production process of various plastic products around us. The flip-flop is shot with the “Armstrong cyclotron cooling injection machine” below.

The PVC injection molding process is relatively advanced compared to cutting EVA, and the sole edge is very smooth.

The main brand that uses this technology is Brazil’s second largest flip-flop brand Ipanema and now Tmall’s highest-selling domestic brand hotmarzz. Their two logos also seem to have a disadvantage. This process also has shortcomings, that is, the flow marks generated by injection molding. The flow marks are not very good looking carefully.

The PVC sole is a little more sinking than the EVA sole, and then some details are not clear, but the feedback is better than EVA, and it is more energetic to wear.

3. foam rubber

Finally, it is said that the literacy has dragged the originator Havana, which should be the most popular flip flop brand in the world. The sole material naturally has its own unique features. Although it is also a manufacturing process for foamed sheet cutting, Havana uses high-quality foamed rubber.

Foam rubber is relatively more costly, and according to Havana, it uses Brazilian natural rubber. Havana’s overall gloss is indeed more attractive than other foam materials such as EVA. The charm of the fans.

Foamed rubber has a large weight, similar to PVC, and the overall wearing feel is similar to PVC soles.

4 . EVA+rubber


The combination of EVA+ rubber is a common solution for sports shoes. The rubber is wear-resistant and placed on the outsole; the EVA cushioning is placed on the midsole. Such shoes are durable and wearable. However, this kind of collocation is relatively rare in flip-flops. It seems that it is mainly the REEF brand.


REEF is an American surfing brand with high pricing and good workmanship. It also has the flip-flops equipped with air cushions as shown below.

reef mens rubber sandals
reef mens rubber sandals sale

The sole of EVA+ rubber will definitely perform better, but the appearance may not be particularly simple, and the price will be higher.

5 . PE

Occasionally, I saw Netease’s strict selection of flip-flops. The whole shape is imitating Havana, which makes me curious. It is difficult to use natural rubber foam. Facts have proved that I think more, Netease carefully selected this is PE foam, the general PE cost is lower than EVA, it is estimated that the cost of foamed shoes is the lowest, but I don’t know if it is more powerful. So I dare not assert. PE durability is not as good as EVA, and the sole does not generally use PE.

In summary, in terms of wearing feeling, the composite sole of REEF is the best; if you like lightweight, it is recommended to choose the flip flops of EVA soles; if you want better feedback, it is recommended to flip the Havana or PVC soles; On the other hand, many domestic brands are much cheaper, but it does not mean that they are worse. In fact, the production process of flip-flops is relatively mature, and domestic and foreign brands are one thing. So if you don’t have a requirement for branding and design, choosing a domestic brand is fine. In design, foreign brands are indeed more experienced to impress consumers, such as the Starck series launched by Ipanema last year, which is very amazing.

reef sandals mens

How to choose a slipper that fits well

The choice of shoes is not based on the brain, on the feet.

I think that as an unfair star, one of the benefits of working in the design industry is that you can wear slippers to work in the summer. Counting a few times, and also passing through a lot of slippers, it is a bit of a say. Answer it for your personal experience. 1. Getting Started 10 yuan home drag, cheap version of foam plastic, home travel murder and more goods. Roadside booth 10 yuan shop can be bought anywhere, through a variety of 50 pairs, in general, economical but not fit (larger) is not suitable for walking (easy to break)

2. Primary articles
Sports slippers, Adidas three-bar, with a foot arch design, better support for the foot, walking is quite comfortable, but even the big man, wearing a door is still a little to go to the bathhouse

Hibiscus, um, hibiscus. Do you want me to say something more? Who is who knows.

3. Intermediate fashion slippers (Flip-flops), I have tried quite a lot of slippers in this category, because I basically meet the dual requirements of home and out. I have tried Tommy, Reef, A&F, quicksilver and Crocs. Relatively speaking, the quality of slippers of well-known fashion brands will exceed expectations. The appearance of the fragile appearance of flip-flops is actually very durable, with my Tommy. For example, in the case of being repeatedly stepped on the heel, it has not been broken. Detailed details: Tommy-rubber composite TPR hard bottom, nylon mesh with upper

There are arch design, more fit, the sole is soft and moderate, and the slip is good. The vamp webbing has a wider wrap and a heel, but the foot has sweat and is easy to rub.
Reef and A&F (similar in appearance, together) – Covered TPR soft-soled composite rubber non-slip outsole, leather upper (felt surface is suede)

reef mens leather sandals
reef mens leather sandals sale

With the design of the arch, the touch of the leather material and the sole of the foot is called a refreshing. The sole is hard and slip resistant. The upper of the vamp is wide, the foot is comfortable and the touch is comfortable. During the wearing period, there is no case of kicking, but when you walk hard, the sound of the slap is louder?
Quicksilver-all rubber

The beach flip flops of this type of surf brand are universal, the style is simple and fancy, and the street is enough. The beach is swaying. But the flattened sole and the narrower upper are actually wearing a walking experience – too general.
Crocs-EVA material

I am so fashionable, you don’t let me follow the trend is not right, so yes, I also pass through the ugly hole shoes. But from the comfort and matching of the actual foot feeling, I quickly discarded it.

4. Advanced articles
Professional slippers, don’t move, let me go.
Havaianas Havana – Brazilian natural rubber.

Oh, this stuff, you say better than QS, Billabang? The same design concept. The difference between the quality of the material and the comfort of the foot is really small, but the difference is still reflected in the professionalism. Havaianas those cooperative versions are not much to say, in addition to the basic Tradition, and the Slim slimming version of the shoe system, not to mention Fashion, Trekking, High, Surf. In short, there is always one for you. Unlike the hole shoes, the same paragraph with the stars out of the street, no one will laugh at you behind the scenes. Birkenstock – Come here, I can’t miss my big pit. Leather (or composite PU), latex pressed pine composite anti-slip rubber outsole.

It is the same star. Ergonomically designed, the soles of the feet and the feet are well wrapped, and the soles are hard but will improve with wear. Good slip resistance. The German system is high (the quality control is not flattering), and the same is true in terms of professionalism. There are many styles to choose from, and the wide and narrow versions represented by solid and hollow feet can also help to refine. Nowadays, there are more and more color combinations, and the collocation and fashion are also qualified. Tips: Choose the right size

5. Wonderful articles
Portable peach heart massage slippers, all plastic.

Used to say good, the waist is not sour, the road will not go. It is recommended that running men usually wear more to help adapt to the finger pressure plate.

to sum up:
Choose the correct size!
Choose the upper soles to be soft and moderate!
Can choose to have the arch support design is excellent!
Choose a wider upper to wrap it!
Pay attention to the slip resistance of the sole!
Excellent leather material!

Don’t choose ugly!

reef sandals mens

REEF Cushion Bounce Stargazer Flip-Flop Sandals

The REEF Cushion Bounce Stargazer Flip-Flop Sandals, currently priced at $30.00, can be placed directly through

reef mens black sandals
reef mens black sandals sale

The REEF Men’s Marbea SL Tan Sandals, currently priced at $40.00, is currently participating in the “sale 65%” event. Orders can be placed directly through

reef mens sandals classics
reef mens sandals classics sale

A variety of services, such as real-time order tracking, to protect your overseas shopping!

reef sandals mens

Reef Mens Fanning Sandal

reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale
reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale
reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale
reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale
reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale
reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale
reef mens fanning sandals
reef mens fanning sandals sale

Founded in 1984, REEF is not only a professional brand promoted by surfers, but also produces beach shoes that are well-known in North America. If the popular Havaianas in these years are the flip-flops that sister paper can wear at any time, REEF is the king of beach shoes for men and women. REEF’s multi-layer EVA sole and inline bottle opener create the fashion of beach shoes. Young men and women travelling by the sea, a pair of REEF bags to fight the world.
Since the shoes mentioned in the green pepper are mentioned, the green peppers will not spare no effort to find a more favorable amount of printing, and it is necessary to share the list with everyone. The feeling of wearing this pair of slippers is “comfortable”. The wonderful bottom opener is estimated that I don’t have many opportunities. It is a long summer (the best partner for the World Cup’s night bar stalls) and the necessary flip-flops for beach vacations. Origin: china, the quality is just right, the style is also good, the rubber non-slip sole, the embedded air cushion, the inside of the flip-flops also printed a very delicate coat of arms Logo, very appetizing to me (mose can be) I chose a low color system.

reef sandals mens

REEF mens flip flops cushion shock absorber with bottle opener

This Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal men’s flip-flops, from the surface, is a pair of very FASHION flip-flops, leather upper, lightweight EVA shock-absorbing soles, the heel area is actually AIR cushion cushion for the pair of slippers is already wonderful enough But the real wonder is the bottle opener hidden in the sole, yes, you are not mistaken, the bottom of the slippers is a bottle opener! The designer of this pair of shoes, how much love beer!

reef mens bottle opener sandals
cheap reef mens bottle opener sandals
reef mens bottle opener sandals
cheap reef mens bottle opener sandals
reef mens bottle opener sandals
cheap reef mens bottle opener sandals
reef mens bottle opener sandals
cheap reef mens bottle opener sandals

REEF is a sports brand from the United States. It is passionate and fashionable. It has a deep ocean and beach culture and is favored by surfers, sailors and beach sports enthusiasts. Headquartered in San Diego, REEF’s main products are surf shoes and sportswear.

reef sandals kids

Reef kids classic flip flops

Reef-flex triple density EVA construction with anatomically correct arch support

reef kids
reef kids sale

INFANT SIZES ARE (from smallest to largest): 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. These come with an optional elastic backstrap (as pictured) to keep sandals on tiny feet
KIDS SIZES ARE (from smallest to largest): 11/12, 13/1, 2/3, 4/5. These do not come with elastic backstrap

Suitable for children who know how to wear beaches. Kids Classic is suitable for last week’s school and summer activities. These boys’ sandals are classic in a variety of styles, with soft suede uppers, woven web linings and toe soles and suede insoles.

Details: Available in 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 sizes with detachable strap, suede upper and rubber outsole. Material: suede, rubber, artificial.

Founded in 1984, Reef was founded by two brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre who wanted to share their love of surfing and beach culture with the world. Their products are designed to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and free in any environment. Reef subsequently grew into one of the world’s leading active sandalwear manufacturers.

reef sandals womens

Three-layer density sole Reef Stargazer Prints Women’s flip-flops

Reef Stargazer Prints Women’s Flip Flop, for $13.41 on, direct mail to the US, shipping for $3.4 + tax $2

Reef Stargazer Prints Women’s flip-flops, synthetic soles, soft and comfortable, lightweight EVA cushioning midsole, providing good cushioning effect, comfortable upper foot, and finally rubber outsole, non-slip wearable.

reef sandals womens
reef sandals womens sale
reef sandals womens
reef sandals womens sale
reef sandals womens
reef sandals womens sale

Founded in 1984, REEF is not only a professional brand promoted by surfers, but also produces beach shoes that are well-known in North America. If the popular Havaianas in these years are the flip-flops that sister paper can wear at any time, REEF is the king of beach shoes for men and women. REEF’s multi-layer EVA sole and inline bottle opener create the fashion of beach shoes. Young men and women travelling by the sea, a pair of REEF to fight the world.